Shades of Faith

Some of the time when faith is all you have...all of the time, faith is all you need.

Nicole Outen McCune

Nicole Outen McCune proudly graduated from Midlands Technical College, with honors in the Paralegal Program at the age of 48 in 2018. Three years later, Nicole attained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from Columbia College. She attributes these accomplishments to God's mercy, grace, and favor. Nicole is the author of Abreast of Faith-You Can't Take What Is Mine and Abreast of Faith The Journal-The Journey Is Mine. She is the founder of Shades of Faith, LLC and, Abreast of Hope, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. As a Breast Cancer Survivor, Nicole is dedicated to the advocacy of Breast Cancer Awareness and promoting the power of faith. She enjoys being Mommy to fur babies, Coco and Gracey, worshipping at The Meeting Place Church of Greater Columbia, singing in the choir, and making precious memories with her beloved husband, Curtis, and son, Nicolas. Writing poetry, journaling, and dreaming brings much joy to her life and her poetry work has been published in Stylus Magazine and in both of her literary works. Nicole believes that it is essential for women to be a support system for one another and to uplift and empower each other through inspiration, leadership, prayer, and sisterhood. She encourages women and young girls alike to believe in their dreams and to have faith in God, themselves, and others.  

"In order to reap God's promises in your life, you only need to believe and have faith."
-Nicole Outen McCune