Shades of Faith

Some of the time when faith is all you have...all of the time, faith is all you need.

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Abreast of Faith-The Journal: The Journey Is Mine
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Abreast of Faith- The Journal: The Journey is Mine was created to encourage those who might be battling breast cancer or any other illness or life hardships that may challenge their faith. Writing about your challenges is a way to encourage yourself, and to bring strength and hope to your situation. This journal is designed not only to write about your journey but to write your faith and healing into existence. Keep fighting, keep writing and keep the faith! 
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Abreast of Faith-You Can't Take What Is Mine
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At the onset of a pandemic, a breast cancer diagnosis was as shocking as the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Breast cancer treatment is a challenge in itself, and losing a dear loved one unexpectedly to cancer, during the same time Nicole is in treatment brings her to a breaking point. While struggling with past trauma, depression, and addiction, she is determined to fight for her life. She goes against medical advice and scientific evidence that she would need to have a total mastectomy in order to remove an 8-centimeter cancerous lesion. Armed with the weapon of faith Nicole declares to the enemy, "you can't have my's mine!
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