Shades of Faith

Some of the time when faith is all you have...all of the time, faith is all you need.


“Abreast of Faith is an inspiring, candid, and real story of faith and perseverance. Nicole shares her relatable story on dealing with her diagnosis and how her faith helped her through. This powerful story is an inspiration for anyone who is facing a challenge and gives you the hope that God hasn't given you anything you can't handle."
-Tameika Isaac Devine, Amazon bestselling author of Born into Heaven

“In Abreast of Faith, Nicole takes us through tears and through nights of barely sleeping but believing that she was never alone. The persistent faith of Nicole is contagious for anyone who is facing the impossible,"
-Dr. Mary Bryant, author of Prayers, Poems, and Precious Moments

“This book gives insight into the life of a person diagnosed and living with breast cancer. It demonstrates how patients should be empowered with medical research and spiritual faith when confronting their diagnosis, treatment, and inevitable surgery. The storytelling leads the reader on an eventful journey with humor and wit that helps readers navigate serious topics such as breast cancer, and the COVID-19 pandemic. A must-read for those looking to beat the odds when faith is the only thing you have left."
-Jesse Outen, CEO, Educator, and Consultant

“This book made me laugh and cry, but most importantly it ignited an elevated level of hope, faith, and confirmation. This story is amazing in so many ways. This book is unapologetically a true reflection of feelings, thought, and faith."  #encouraging
-Janicka Smith Watson

“Wonderful Read!"
-Kecia Wiliams-Watson

-Belinda Thomas, Author

“The book is beautiful and I appreciate Nicole for sharing her story with the world."
-Kim Lewis

“I started reading the book and could not put it down until finished. Great job and I look forward to reading more books from you. I thank God every day for healing you and for you sharing your testimony with others.
-Ethel Jackson

"Your testimony of faith is just what I needed to hear, especially during this pandemic. When Faith is all you have, faith is all you need. Sometimes, we need to be reminded that God always keeps his promises."
-Tryphena Taylor, Author of Trip Chicken

"Beautiful, heart-warming, inspiring, and genuine. This book will reach so many lives and be a witness to so many women with breast cancer. Your story touches me in spiritual ways that help me as well."
-Jamie Early

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Nicole Outen 
Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, Advocate and CEO