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Some of the time when faith is all you have...all of the time, faith is all you need.
Abreast of Faith-The Journal: The Journey Is Mine

Abreast of Faith-The Journal: The Journey Is Mine

Abreast of Faith The Journal-The Journey Is Mine
Abreast of Faith 2
Published by Nicole Outen McCune, United States of America
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                                        A Note from the Author


Dear Sister,

It was such a blessing and a pleasant experience to share my journey in my book, Abreast of Faith-You Can’t Take What is Mine.  My prayer is that my story has touched you in a positive and meaningful way.  As I started on my journey in 2020, my faith was not as strong as it is now. During this time, we were in a global pandemic, and while I had much support around me, I found myself by myself quite a lot because of the mandatory shelter-in-place order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  After a breast cancer diagnosis and losing my father to pancreatic cancer while undergoing breast cancer treatment, I felt defeated and discouraged. As I began to write for my strength and share my story with others, it helped me emotionally and spiritually.  

I have created this journey journal to encourage you to keep writing and to keep fighting! Write your healing into existence because you, too, have a story to tell. Keep the faith!           


Faithfully Yours,


Nicole Outen McCune
Breast Cancer Survivor and Author 

Paperback | 98 pages | $10.00 USD | 8 x 0.23 x 10 inches | 9798458909327 | September 25, 2021